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Chairman of Worcester ME Support Group Ian Logan said to Worcester News:

“ I’m back to normal. It’s a personal Triumph, nothing to do with modern medicine, it was actually

Chinese herbal medicine.”

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Here in my Worcester clinic, I provide advice, consultation, help, herbal medicine and acupuncture for Chronic fatigue in Worcester.

A letter to Dr. Jenny Zhao from Ian Logan on 15th December 2013

" I deliberately use the word cure because I believe that I am now cured of M.E. It is now about 5 years since I last had any M.E. symptoms and have done whatever I wish to do without incurring the dreaded backlash of physical and mental fatigue, or the pains and headaches associated with it."


"Body and health seems to be fully back to normal and I don’t think I have lost any functions or sustained any damage from the illness that the body has not been able to repair".


"I can only recommend others to try your specific selections of Chinese herbs to give both improved health and relief from all symptoms: fatigue, pain, digestion, poor energy, etc".


"Dr. Jenny  thank you for your knowledge and insight into this awful illness and getting me back to full health, something conventional medicine has not yet been able to do for all the others with the some condition".


"I encourage anyone to try traditional Chinese herbs and acupuncture with a qualified professional Chinese doctor practitioner for a sustained length of time, and wish the NHS would use this knowledge, as in China, for all the medical problems for which Western medicine has yet no or only partial treatment."

Ian Logan

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M.E. Article appeared in Worcester News, ‘Your Health’ section, on 12 May 2014

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25 years of torture

After a quarter-of-a-century dealing with a debilitating condition Ian Logan has his life back so he’s heading up the Worcestershire ME Support Group to help others afflicted with chronic fatigue.

‘It’s such a relief to know other people have the same symptoms’

After 25 years of living with a condition causing symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue Ian Logan has his life back. During ME Awareness Week he speaks to Jamie Ross and says support is out there.

ME Awareness Day 2014 - Share The Message

ME affects an estimated 250,000 men, women and children in the UK. Symptoms can include post-exertional malaise (a period of intense exhaustion that lasts for more than 24 hours following exertion) and chronic pain.

ME affects different people in different ways and symptoms can fluctuate and change over time.

Some manage to struggle on with their lives. Others spend most of their time bed-bound or house-bound, unable to perform basic functions unaided.

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Ian's Story


Ian’s symptoms were all too real and they ended up robbing him of a large chunk of his life, leaving him too exhausted or in too much pain to carry out the most straightforward day-to-day tasks.

"There were five years of slow onset following a viral thing," he explains. "I never thought I would get right again. Then it went downhill. "I couldn’t even carry my tool kit; I couldn’t even get down the stairs. It’s like torture.

"The fibromyalgia pain is all over, you can’t sleep. You go for weeks with very poor sleep, you don’t even know if you slept properly at all. The symptoms are legion."

The exhaustion and pain has a knock-on effect to the rest of your life and with family members and friends.

Ian says: "People lose their jobs - I wouldn’t have employed me. I was too unreliable. Many people are almost made to retire early.

"There’s 25 years of my life gone. My wife, Karin, stuck by me. Lots of people don’t because it’s not the person they married anymore. There are no holidays, you lose most of your friends and social connections are all excluded.

"And they are not being unkind but you just can’t keep up with the conversation."

For many, the daily torment of the condition leads to some very dark thoughts and, according to Ian, some even take their own lives to escape it.

He says: "If you’re being tortured, what do you want? What you want is out.

"But you have family and you can’t, and you’re not allowed in this country. People I know did and it’s sad.

"People who decided they had enough and they did something about it."

Thankfully, Ian has finally discovered something ridding him of the wretched symptoms.

"I’m back to normal," he says. "It’s a personal triumph, nothing to do with modern medicine, it was actually Chinese herbal medicine.

"There’s nothing in conventional medicine to do anything for this condition.

"Before, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to you like this. When you have ME, fibromyalgia, if someone asks you a question, you can’t answer, you can’t access your own vocabulary."

As well as coping with his condition, for the past 25 years, Ian has been involved with the Worcestershire ME Support Group.

Now the chairman of the group, he wants to spread the word to other people trying to cope with the condition that they need not suffer alone.

"We’re a self-help group, we all do it for free and we’re desperate for volunteers," Ian explains.

"We can offer expenses and we do value people’s energy and time.

"We need help with a newsletter; we can get it printed relatively cheaply but it’s getting people to spend a bit of time at home creating it.

"Jill Pigott has been our secretary for about 12 years, she looks after her son who has ME. She has been doing the newsletter but it’s a lot to do for one person and what we need is people to share the workload.

"The group is for people with ME, fibromyalgia, or people caring with the condition. It’s people who have had the problems and sharing their experiences with people who are new to it.