Acupuncture for arthritis in Worcester


A Successful Case

My clinic offers acupuncture for arthritis in Worcester. I would like to publish my email correspondence with a patient from Turkey who has suffered from  rheumatic arthritis for 8 years, you will find how amazing and effective it can be if we can treat patients with the correct herbal formula: 

Correspondence with the patient


1st email: 28/08/2014 

Dear Dr. Zhong Zhao, 

My father has Rheumatoid Arthritis for 8 years. For 8 years, he tried lots of medicines and treatments, but none of them really treats him.  

Until today, he used Western types of medicines. He had been used Metoject (15-20 mg) injection every week for more than 7 years. Also, he was using Quensyl 200 mg and Prednol 6 mg everyday. A few months ago, the doctors realized that he had lots of nodules inside of his lungs. After lots of health tests, the doctor decided that the reason of the nodules is Metoject (15-20 mg) injection. So, the doctor said that he had to stop to use it. He stopped, but after two weeks, he had too much pain because of Rheumatoid Arthritis! His elbows and knees swelled too much. He could not turn his neck to any side. He could not raise his hands up; he could not even walk properly!

Now, his liver and kidney tests are ok, and his nodules in his lungs are getting smaller. I wonder whether these medicines can create any negative side effects or not. Also, can he drink the herbal mix while he is using these medicines?

Thank you for your interest.

Warm Regards,


2nd email: 07/11/2014

Dear Dr. Zhong Zhao,

I hope you are well.

I just want you inform about my father's health situation. I attached the results of his blood tests.

At the end of October, again, he started to suffer because of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

On Nov 1st, he started to use your herbal tea. He has just headaches, but he says he has less arthritis pain.

We are preparing the tea as you suggest, but we are putting in it honey (just 1 teaspoon) in order to make its taste better. I hope it has not any negative effect.

Do you suggest him to make any periodic blood tests during using the tea?

Thank you for your interest.

Best Regards,


3rd email: 19/11/2014

Dear Dr. Zhong Zhao, 

I am sending the last blood test results of my father. 

He has drunk 18 of 30 packages of your herbal tea.  

He continues to use Quensyl 200 mg. Also, he is taking Prednol - 10 mg/daily. (Last week, he decrased it to 5 mg/daily, but his arthritis pain began to increase again. So, he increased it to 10 mg/daily.) Your herbal tea packages will run out at the end of November. Are they enough for the treatment? What do you suggest us after using the herbal tea?

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


4th email:08/12/2014

Dear Dr. Zhong Zhao, 

The news are excellent.  

After drinking 27 of 30 packages of your herbal tea, my father's CRP value has decreased to 2,5 mg/L which is the lowest value from the beginning of his illness! 

I really do not know how I thank you and my dear friend Phil, who brought your valuable herbal mix to Turkey! 

Your herbal mixture is over now, and my father continues to use just Quensyl 200 mg and Prednol - 8 mg/daily. He has no pain because of RA now, but we are afraid of increasing CRP value again.

From this point, what do you advice us?  If it is necessary, we can come to England in order to meet face to face. 

If you can share your suggestions, I will be so appreacited.

Warm regards, 


Final Result


In June 2016,  Duygu's father Mr. Erdiren came  from Turkey to visit my clinic with his son and his interpreter. He is very pleased with his improvement. His condition remains very stable and he can continue with his normal work  and happy life.



Arthritis clinically means that inflammatory changes of the joint, associated with various pathogenic  factors. Its main clinical reflections are pain, numbness and limitation of movement of the affected  joints. The disease belongs to the category of “arthralgia-syndrome” in traditional Chinese medicine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), arthritis is called “Bi-syndrome” which means blockage, obstruction. It’s often caused by the pathogenic factors of wind, coldness, dampness, heat.The mechanics of arthritis in TCM is Qi (vital energy) and blood are stagnated, joints, tendons, channels and collaterals are obstructed. Thereby, the therapeutic principle of Arthritis is warming the channels to expel coldness, wind, and dampness, removing blood stasis and obstruction in the channels to improve blood circulation, relieving rigidity of muscles and relieving pain.

 When Chinese herbs are prescribed as a formula, all their natures and specific functional features are   taken into account. Based on the theoretical understanding of herbs and formulas, qualified practitioners use herbs to regulate the functional states of the internal organs, re-establish harmony  and balance of body.

Modern pharmacology research on Chinese herbs proved that the herbs used for Arthritis may have the following functions:

      Modifying the immunological events that is leading to inflammation. (Mainly act onIgG, IgM, IgA); 

      Improving blood viscosity and improving auto-immune system;

In my herbal prescription, herbs work through the above-mentioned mechanics and alleviate pain, reducing swollen. 

Acupuncture works through stimulating the Qi and the body’s healing responses (or auto-immune system). Acupuncture and moxibustion can improve human body’s immune functions and strengthen the ability of the body to resist and recover from diseases..

Case Study


Case 1. Mr J. Price, 34 years old, Male. He had suffered rheumatoid arthritis for 6 months. When he first visited the Clinic, his left finger and wrist joint had burning sensation, swelling, redness, morning stiffness. Generally he also felt tired. I did herbal and acupuncture treatment. After 2 weeks, all the symptoms were getting much better.

      Case 2. Mr Reyner, 65 years old, Male. He suffered gout arthritis. After herbal treatment his condition got great improved. A year later, he told me the conditions are very stable and better.