Chinese herbal medicine for Colitis in Worcester


Chinese Medicine for Ulcerative Colitis


The following testimonial was taken from a letter written from one of my patients Ann Thompson. She fully recovered by taking Chinese herbal medicine for Colitis in Worcester clinic. She was a medical secretary who used to work in a local hospital.  

"I  was first diagnosed as suffering from ulcerative colitis at the age of 19 and underwent  medical treatment at that time. Over the years, any period of stress would bring a recurrence of debilitating symptoms, necessitating medication on an increasing scale.

At the age of 55, after a severe bout, I saw in the window of the Imperial Herbary a list of conditions that could be helped by Chinese medicine and ulcerative colitis as listed.

I then embarked on a course of treatment which affected a total cessation of symptoms and now, at the age of 69, I have had 14 years completely symptoms free.

This has given me a quality of life that I would not have believed possible.

Since then I have had acupuncture for knee, elbow and back problems and herbal treatment for an eczema-like skin condition.

I will never cease to be grateful to Dr. Jenny Zhao for her healing medicine which has truly change my life."

Ann Thompson retired medical secretary

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