Acupuncture for osteoporosis in Worcester



Osteoporosis is the loss of the calcium form bone tissue leading to bones risks of fracture, particularly of the hip, spine and wrist. It is most commonly seen in post menopausal women.    From the pointview of  west medicine, post menopausal women are advised to take HRT to treat and prevent Osteoporosis, but many patients are not entirely happy about the potential side effects.   

 In China, numerous clinical trials have been carried out over last 30 years on the effects of herbal medicine on osteoporosis, these studies show that Chinese herbal medicine   can increase bone density in post-menopausal women. So herbal medicine provide a nature therapy to treat and prevent osteoporosis.    

In Chinese medicine, we think post-menopause osteoporosis are due to the vacuity and decline of kidney essence. Treatment principle is supplementing the kidney and strengthening the bones.

Chinese herbs prevent Osteoporosis


The prescription for osteoporosisI often use Ba Ji Tian Ci Wu Jia. These medicinal supplements the kidneys and invigorates Yang. Boosts vital energy Qi and blood, Strengenthing the bones and relieve impediment of joint pain. When we analysis the ingredients of the herbal formula, we can be more certain that:  

Dan Shen is known to improve the microcirculation.   

 Xian lin pi can increase the productive cell’s osteoblastosis and inhibit their osteoclastosis.     So when all these herbs are used together, their effect is to supply the kidney and boost the essence, strengthen the bones and marrow, invigorate blood and qi, thus stengthen the bone.   Also there are other herbs we use for prevent and treatment of osteoporosis.   Drinaria ( Gu Sui Bu) Schizandra berries Chinese angelica , astragaluus, ganoderma, ginseng royal jelly etc.   Foods for prevention are soy and soy products green beans, rosemary, walnuts, chestnuts, plums, tangerine, grapefruit, fennel, anise seed. Clam, carp, corn Yams, avocade, chives etc.   

From another point, to boost immune system is very important for preventing osteoporosis. In TCM,  we think the increase of energy circulation within the body enhances the quality of the inner organs and their activity, improves and strengthens the bone marrow, strengthen the position of bones and joints, remove the pains and the pathogenic condition, acupuncture works effectively to boost energy and relieve the pain as well.

Here in my clinic, I provide acupuncture for osteoporosis in Worcester.

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